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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 6, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener."
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and an arsenal of weapons. the new information on the san bernardino killers, as president obama prepares to address to the nation. frank: a grim discovery. bones taken from a worcester cemetery. the man under arrest right now, and the charges he's facing. danielle: some slick spots if you're headed out right now. dense fog and even black ice to look out before milder temperatures settle in for the day. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." karen: good morning, everyone. it's sunday, december 6. i'm karen anderson in today for antoinette. frank: and i'm frank holland. we'll toss things over to danielle vollmar. danielle, you mentioned earlier patchy fog and the possibility of some patchy black ice out there. danielle: that's right, frank and karen. this morning you want to be careful if you're headed out first thing because temperatures have dropped below the freezing mark in a lot of spots. we've seen some fog develop and some dense fog in spots and also some freezing fog that is creating some black ice out there this morning.
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keene, through orange, even springfield. back through lawrence and beverly. conditions have improved in beverly though over the last hour. and then also down along the cape and the islands where you're seeing zero mile visibility. this is areas of concern. you want to be careful driving out there this morning. all these conditions will subside about 9:00 at temperatures start to lift well above the freezing mark. it is above freezing though in boston and in worcester still in the 20's back through concord. and keene. as we go through the next 12 hours, say, we're going to see temperatures bump up into the upper 40's. right around 50 degrees by about lunchtime into the mid 50's this afternoon in boston and points south and east. and it is going to be mild again tomorrow, but big changes are coming. we'll talk about the cooldown and the chance for rain ahead. frank? frank: thanks a lot, danielle. this morning, new insights this morning into the couple behind the terror attack in california. this, as president obama plans an address to the nation. the oval office speech is scheduled for 8:00 tonight. karen: as the f.b.i. continues
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we're learning more about how the killers built their arsenal of weapons. reporter elizabeth hur has the latest developments. elizabeth: still so many questions in california but this new video showing the f.b.i. raiding a house in riverside could answer where the assault rifles used in the san bernadino massacre came from. police stated earlier they knew syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik purchased the two handguns while a third party bought the rifles. authorities now tell abc news they believe that third party is a former neighbor of farook's. >> syed farook is not available. elizabeth: his voice can still be heard on a mobile messaging system, and investigators are looking to see if he left behind twitter messages linking him to a notorious isis recruiter. an f.b.i. fugitive mohammed hassan who used the on-handle handle miske. the same man in contact with a
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exhibition in garland, texas, tweeting to his american followers then "it's time for brothers in the u.s. to do their part." >> eventually ending with both attackers being killed in the path of the law. elizabeth: in an on-line posting, isis praised the california attacks calling malik and farook isis supporters, further indicating isis inspired the couple and did not direct them. right now authorities believe malik, this "mother turned murderer," was the mastermind leaving her family baffled. >> she wouldn't do something like this. think about your kid. elizabeth: and president obama will address the nation sunday night just to give an update on the investigation and also to outline what the government is doing to keep americans safe. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. frank: right now, a stabbing in london is being treated as a terrorist incident. the man in this video was subdued by police with a stun gun after they say he stabbed three people at a subway station
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the suspect reportedly yelled "this is for syria" before the attack. one man was seriously hurt but is expected to recover. two others have minor injuries. investigators have not revealed futher detail on why they consider this a terror attack. karen: right now police are investigating a shooting in south boston. it happened around 8:00 last night on old colony avenue. we're told one man was shot several times and was taken to boston medical center with critical injuries. a car at the scene was riddled with bullets, and the driver's side window was heavily damaged. frank: another person now faces charges in connection with the discovery of a burned body in bridgewater. 30-year-old ovi cruz is accused of misleading police in the death of ashley bortner. he'll be arraigned tomorrow. bortner's body was found early last month. a married couple from new hampshire is also charged with misleading police in the case. but investigators are still looking for fernando owens who's the prime suspect in the actual
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karen: a grim find linked to a worcester cemetery. stolen bones found in a home in connecticut. and now police say a man in their custody admits to the theft. the eye's sera congi is tracking the investigation. sera: hartford police say the skeletal remains of five bodies may have come from gravesites from this cemetery here in worcester. in early october, a woman discovered a mausoleum at the hope cemetery had been broken into. worcester police found a front chain cut, damage to caskets, and bodies disenterred. the remains of three adults and two young children were removed, but it's unclear when. then friday police in hartford, connecticut, were called to this house on a tip about human remains. chief brian foley: when they got there, it was confirmed there was five deceased remains there. sera: the resident, 32-year-old amador medina, was placed under arrest on five counts of disinterment of bodies. hartford police say he was playing rituals under the religion santeria. chief: it's a faith we're not
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united states certainly. again we do see it in here in hartford. we see it with chickens, pigs. you see that here. sacrifices and the remains are used in the faith. it's just human remains is extremely rare. we do come across it. sera: the name inscribed on the mausoleum is houghton. investigators could not locate any family members. the last burial in the chamber was 71 years ago. chief: right now we have the remains here at the police department. we look to respectfully return those to the cemetery. sera: medina is now in custody in connecticut. he'll be arraigned on monday. the investigation continues. in worcester, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: the mbta conductor who was killed outside a fenway bar is being remembered. hundreds gathered to say goodbye to jepthe chery at his funeral yesterday. the 29-year-old was killed during a shootout between two other people outside the bar "who's on first." one of those suspects has been arrested but has not been charged in chery's death. police have not yet named the
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karen: the university of massachusetts boston has new funding to help victims of the boston marathon bombings. a state-issued grant of $315,000 is going to the school's institute for community inclusion. the center will provide vocational rehabilitative services to anyone hurt in the attacks. specifically, the money will be used to help people who are struggling to keep their jobs because of their injuries or because they're caring for a survivor. new this morning. some gamblers now have a better chance of winning. "the globe" reports new england casinos are increasing the number of jackpots at their slot machines to lure people in. minor adjustments to the machines can up a player's chance of a payout. in the few months since massachusetts opened its first slots parlor-- plainridge park casino-- rival casinos in connecticut and rhode island have increased their winnings. plainridge has raised its payout percentage as well. frank: the "t" is about to start saving some money on energy.
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with b.p. will save the mbta $25 million in electricity costs over the next five years. the savings are important to the agency which is already weighing options to fill a budget shortfall. those include potential service cuts, fare hikes, and delays to workers' raises. some comments stirring up quite the controversy in virginia this morning. karen: what one university president urged students to do in the light of the san bernadino mass shooting and the backlash from state leaders. frank: spreading the holiday cheer. the campaign helping military families around the world and how you can get involved. karen: meet a new hampshire gold star mom who has devoted her life to helping others. how she's in need of your help now. danielle: we're starting out the day with dense fog but it will clear up. just how warm we'll get today and our next chance for some
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karen: the annual mission to underway on the cape. mass audobon volunteers rescue turtles that wash up after they get stuck in the bay on their way south for the winter.
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spotted in wellfleet. many are called kemp's ridley, the most endangered sea turtle in the world. they'll be cared for at the new england aquarium's sea turtle hospital in quincy. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. frank: danielle is joining us. a chilly start today, below freezing. later on if you're a pats' fans especially if you have outdoor tickets there's good news. danielle: good news. the temperatures at kick-off will be around 50 degrees but it will fall back into the 40's. not so bad for a december game. some areas are experiencing some went weather not necessarily here. this is in seattle. yesterday a snowstorm made roads treacherous and even led to a highway closure. in all, about 15 to 25 inches of snow was dumped on part of the north cascades. and that's not all. that system also brought strong winds and rain. we haven't seen that scene yet. in fact, we haven't had any snow as of yet to date. but on average to this date
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last year alone we had 2.6 inches so far in boston and 7.5 inches in worcester. so we're looking for that snow but unfortunately a mild forecast on tap. although this morning, there is going to be some patchy, dense fog and some patchy black ice. please be careful. but the warm trend continues this afternoon with temperatures back into the 50's. we're watching an ocean storm headed our way for tuesday. the latest models tracking it off shore which means we won't get as much rain. we really do need that rain. talking about those visibilities this morning. want to talk about keene and orange. you see where they're at zero-mile visibility. that's dense fog that has developed. more dense fog along parts of the cape around falmouth, say, and hyannis. so we are talking about the potential for some dense fog and also some black ice in these conditions because temperaturewise, we are below the freezing mark, say, in
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in hyannis too. so be aware of that. it is mild though on nantucket already. 46 degrees there. 36 boston. 35 in worcester. and these temperatures are going to warm up as we go through the day so the whole area needs to be concerned if you're headed out first thing for some splik spots driving until about 9:00 or so. then everything should improve. through the day, look at this. a lot of sunshine will lead to temperatures in the mid 50's along parts of the north shore. beverly is 54. burlington 55. how about bedford. over the next three days you're still mild not only today but also for monday. then temperatures drop back into the 40's on tuesday from that cold front coming through monday, late afternoon and evening: also a lot more clouds too on tuesday. a lot of sunshine through worcester county. low 50's there. 52 in shrewsbury. 54 degrees also in bridgewater. 56 taunton. 54 degrees in new bedford and then along the cape and the islands the mid 50's and a few upper 50's i think in some locations.
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skies. that allows temperatures to drop back into the 20's along the merrimack valley. low 30's in worcester. upper 30's in boston. and then as we head towards tomorrow, it's another mild day. big changes, as i said, are coming. we're going to warm back into the 50's tomorrow but then cool back into the 40's on tuesday as weather. so it's mild again tomorrow. watch this cold front from canada drop on in on tuesday. and then this area of low pressure we're watching for the potential of some rain. it looks like the main chances will be along the cape and the islands for this one. notice this is the latest track, the latest modeling keeping it farther off shore. so we're not expecting much in the way of rain but if it came closer, we would expect more rain in more locations and also the potential for some stronger winds. we're going to watch that system very carefully because that track is very dependent. either way you look at it, still going to be cold through midweek. then we warm up back in the 50's by next weekend. karen and frank.
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time now is 6:16. a look at the stories we're following right now. karen: the governor of virginia is criticizing a christian university president who urged students to arm themselves. jerry falwell, jr, made the comments during liberty uinversity's weekly convocation. he said that of more people had concealed carry permits they could, quote, "end those muslims before they walk in and kill." governor terry mcauliffe called the statements "repugnant." falwell later said he was not talking about all muslims. frank: tonight the band performing when terrorists attacked a concert hall in paris will return to that city. the eagles of death metal will perform with u-2 who was also supposed to perform in paris the weekend of the attack. the groups will play at a different venue than the one where 90 people died. u-2 and the eagles of death metal will also perform together tomorrow. karen: there's pride in haverhill over this new nativity scene outside sacred heart's church. a more secure creche was built after a case of vandalism last year.
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special blessing. the hand-built wooden creche features figurines shipped from italy. frank: if you're looking to spread some cheer this holiday season, there's still time to participate in the trees for troops campaign. for $30, mahoney's garden center will send a balsam fir to a military family with a special thank you note. mahoney's wants to send more than 2,000 trees this winter. as of last week they'd accomplished about half of that goal. those trees will go to families at some 65 bases around the world. she's spent years helping others. now there's a plea for someone to help her. karen: a gold star mom from new hampshire needs a kidney, and newscenter 5's phil lipof reports time is running out. phil: joanne clark has no problem asking people to help new hampshire's struggling veterans, but now she needs help and that's a different story. joanne: i've been way too independent all my life. it's hard for me. phil: a diabetic most of her life, joanne has stage 5 chronic kidney disease. she needs a new kidney from
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matching tissue. on a waiting list for a transplant, and that could take 4-6 years. husband: scary every minute of the day i'm scared for her. joanne: he is. he's a worrywart. phil: it's been a difficult year but a successful one for her organization. last christmas she cofounded "annnie's angels chris' pets" for vets. it raises awareness about post traumatic stress disorder and helps veterans find pets by paying some of the adoption fees. joanne: it's heartwarming and very rewarding for me to see that i'm helping to make a difference. phil: it was named after her son christopher, an army veteran who had ptsd and took his own life. joanne: that's honestly what keeps me going. just doing something in his name. phil: in her name, her husband started a website in hopes of finding a kidney match. already 11 calls from people across the country interested in helping the woman who spends her days helping others.
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just to know that perfect strangers will step up and try to help. frank: that was phil lipof reporting. while she waits, joanne focuses on her organization which has already helped 80 veterans with ptsd adopt pets. coming up, a very generous tip bringing holiday cheer to an ohio woman. karen: we'll tell you about the note attached to the receipt and the big difference it will make for one family. frank: don't forget newscenter 5 starts an hour earlier now on sunday evenings. get the latest breaking news and your storm team 5 forecast starting at 5:00. a live look outside to the city of boston. a beautiful shot of the sun just coming up. stay with us.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. we're talking about cool conditions in spots. some areas could see some patchy black ice as well as patchy dense fog. please be careful. 36 in boston. worcester 35. there. 22 degrees arch 20 in plymouth. you can see the fog has been reduced to near a quarter of a mile in the orange area and down along the cape near falmouth a quarter of a mile visibility. so high pressure dominating our weather today. giving us lots of sunshine. once we breakthrough the fog in locations, we'll see temperatures warm up into the watching this area of low
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will bring us our next chance tuesday. not looking for much. really it only involves so far at least today the cape and the islands. frank and karen. surprise. christmas is coming early for a bartender in ohio. with a customer landed her a generous gift. it started with amanda konecny's first customer of the day. in a bar full of regulars, she'd never seen this guy before. he sat down, ordered a beer, and made casual conversation before leaving a $300 dollar tip on a $32 meal. amanda: he said his son was thinking about working here. he was asking about how our tipping system worked. i let him know how it works, not thinking anything of it at the time. we got to talking about christmas lights and how my daughter is obsessed with christmas lights. frank: i think the tipping system is really working for her now. the note said, "thank you for the conversation. may your daughter have a merry christmas." konecny says she's extremely grateful.
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he made sure that was clear it was $322 he was leaving. frank: it will be a merry christmas in that house right there. still to come, several presidential hopefuls visited the granite state yesterday. karen: many reacting to the recent attacks in california. ahead hear how democrat bernie sanders plans to crack down on terrorists. frank: a framingham mother spent more than a year battling cancer, before it took her life. the impact she hoped to have through sharing her story. and a live look at the city of boston from memorial drive in cambridge. a beautiful shot of the sun just coming up over the city. it's 6:25. stay with us. the "eyeopener" continues right after this. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: "just another day in america." that is how the bbc opened their coverage of the san bernadino mass shooting. that may sound callously flippant, but it's also true. as the global leader in a disturbing category, the number of mass shootings in america exceeds calendar days this year.
6:24 am
anger and resolve after terrorists shot 130 people in paris. yet, more than twice that number are shot every 48 hours in america. the simple phrase, "enough is enough," seems as well-worn as the expressions of sympathy and prayers for the many victims. if virtually any other product was killing 30,000 americans a year, there would be a call to action, congressional hearings, and legislation designed to reduce that staggering total. there is no other civilized nation with the same epidemic. to be clear-- we are not advocating for confiscating used to stymie common-sense reforms. the truth is, this is no longer just a political, cultural, or second amendment issue. this is a major public safety problem. congress can enact simple safeguards, designed to take no one's freedoms away, but will almost certainly save innocent lives. enacting mandatory background checks, a 48-hour waiting period, and closing the gun show loophole are just a few of the
6:25 am
last, need a sense of urgency to pass. and no political leader can justify the current loophole allowing those residing on our own terror watch list to legally purchase a gun. buying sudafed is more difficult than acquiring an assault rifle at a gun show. these few recommendations, among many that should be considered, are not safeguards pushed by gun haters. universal background checks are supported by nearly 90% of americans and 75% of the n.r.a.'s own membership. will these safeguards stop all mass killings? no. but if they save one life-- especially if it was your loved
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: be careful if you're heading out this morning. visibility is reduced in some areas. when we're expecting the dense fog to clear up. karen: remembering the victims. how a north shore community in mourning is pulling together after a deadly fire.
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preparing to speak to the nation from the oval office tonight. the message he plans to relay in this rare address. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: it's 6:31 on this sunday morning. i'm frank holland. karen: and i'm karen anderson in for antoinette this morning along with danielle and quite a change-up for your forecast today snan karen and frank, temperatures will continue to moderate back through the 50's. this morning a little problematic if you're driving out there. dense fog to contend with. some patchy black ice. a lot of you on twitter saying there's some frost out there. i saw some frost walking in to the station this morning so please be careful. dense fog now through orange, through springfield back through pittsfield. even on the cape this morning. because temperatures are below the freezing mark, some of this could be freezing fog. that could lead to some patchy black ice so you want to be
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now we should improve by about 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning as temperatures rise above the freezing mark. but you can see 20's in the merrimack valley. 20's through worcester county. 35 though in the city of worcester. 36 in boston. still in the 20's though along the south shore. as we go through the next 12 hours, say, in worcester, temperatures will bump up into the upper 40's by lunchtime. and low to even mid 50's, i think, through the afternoon. so your high temperatures will be anywhere from the low 50's to upper 50's today. but big changes are coming. we'll talk about the cooldown and when we could see our next chance for rain ahead. frank and karen. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. now. after a shooting in south boston. it happened around 8:00 last night on old colony avenue. police are still investigating. karen: a stabbing in london is being treated as a terrorist incident. the man in this video was subdued by police with a stun gun after they say he stabbed
6:29 am
in east london. the suspect reportedly yelled "this is for syria" before the attack. one man was seriously hurt but is expected to recover. two others have minor injuries. frank: president obama will deliver a rare speech from the oval office tonight. in the wake of the san bernardino shootings, the president will address what the government is doing to keep americans safe. he'll also touch on other possible terror threats, counter-offensive strategies, and the need to put pressure on isis. you can watch the president's speech tonight at 8:00 right here on newscenter 5. terrorism in europe and at home is renewing the call for tougher gun control laws in this country. "the new york times" recently used its first front-page editorial since 1920 to call for stricter regulations. here's the eye's pam cross on what the paper called "weapons james bigelow, gun store owner: they will go bang all the time, every time. pam: gun store owners across the country reporting a surge in gun sales. bill hayes, concealed weapons instructor: people are scared.
6:30 am
think, has really alerted a lot of people. pam: we've seen it before in the wake of mass shootings after the tuscon rampage in 2011, after the newtown massacre in 2012, and now the demand for guns stronger than ever. on black friday the f.b.i. running a record 185,000 background checks. that's two every second. the same day a gunman opened fire at a colorado planned parenthood. for some it's the fear one day those guns will be taken away. >> you can no longer own an a.r. you can no longer own a pistol. you can no longer conceal carry. it's one of those-- is it a matter of time? probably. pam: for others like luke garvey in upstate new york, it's all about protection. luke garvey, pistol permit applicant: i'm doing it for me. my wife, i got my wife one. she's gonna do it for her. pam: his own sheriff now urging permitted gun owners in his county to carry their weapons. sheriff paul van blarcum, ulster county, new york: you wonder what would have happened in that audience or in those crowds if someone would have had a weapon.
6:31 am
more guns are the answer. >> our thoughts on guns is, it's not a good idea, to me. pam: americans are deeply divided. a recent abc poll asked which is a higher priority? 46% said new gun control laws while 47% said protecting the right to own guns. i'm pam cross, wcvb, newscenter 5. karen: in commitment 2016, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is making a push for gun reform. the senator spoke at plymouth state university in new hampshire yesterday. while there he talked about expanding background checks, ending the gun show loophole, and banning assault weapons. sanders: in vermont and new hampshire, a lot of people hunt. and i support people's rights to it's about cultural heritage. but people do not go hunting with assault weapons. karen: earlier in the day college. his speech there focused on the
6:32 am
protecting american service members' lives. sanders said the united states should not attempt to take out the terror group on its own. frank: republican presidential hopeful lindsey graham is also considering ways to address terrorism. the south carolina senator spoke at the new hampshire women's initiative forum in manchester yesterday. he took a moment to criticize opponents ted cruz and rand paul who he says voted to weaken n.s.a. surveillance. graham also said he wants to know more about the woman involved in the san bernardino shootings. graham: isis recruits more women to their cause than any other terrorist organization so what i want to know is was she radicalized before she met. was this a terrorist-arranged marriage? if so, we need to look at our visa system anew. frank: graham says the best way to curb isis recruitment is by defeating the terror group overseas. karen: investigators are still looking into what sparked this fire in gloucester early saturday morning. the fire on woodman avenue went to three alarms. firefighters think it may have
6:33 am
two-and-a-half story house, which may have been unoccupied. no injuries were reported. right now the city of lynn has ordered the demolition of a home, burned in a deadly fire. the decision coming as the community mourns the four people who couldn't make it out. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. now, the eye's juli mcdonald is learning more about the victims. >> everybody is crying. juli: family members, friends, neighbors, even strangers are mourning the loss of four people killed in a massive house fire in lynn early friday. as many as 19 people lived in the home at 24 bruce place. wilmer perez was lucky to get out with his seven-year-old daughter and other relatives on the first floor before flames tore through the house causing the roof to partially collapse. wilmer perez: i never seen this. four people die from a fire. i'm so sorry for the family. juli: sisters sonie and marisa
6:34 am
along with marisa's daughter yasmin aquino and nephew rudolfo mercedes. all were active members of the seventh day adventist church in lynn. a family friend became emotional remembering the victims for newscenter 5. >> helping others in the church. they always participated. they used to go to the classes downstairs for the kids. i was teaching two of them. they were so nice. juli: the pastor of the church said the youngest victim, yasmin, was 19 years old. a former classmate said she just saw her at the house days ago. >> she was the only one i talked to. she was happy and smiling and stuff. i'm getting chills just talking about it. she was a real sweet girl. juli: that church on breed street is in the process of setting up a "go fund me" account for the surviving relatives. the rest of their family live back in the dominican republic
6:35 am
so after funerals here in lynne, they plan to send the four victims home to be blurried. in lynn, julie mcdonald, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: it's gameday at gillette. the patriots have seven questionable players coming in to this afternoon's matchup against the eagles. you might think that's the perfect way for bill belichick to hide his cards from philly. both danny amendola and dont'a hightower were spotted at practice this week, and jamie collins said he's ready to go. still, belichick says the injury report is a process that can't be rushed. coach: the whole week is kind of a process. i think you've got to be careful about evaluating a player based on one day or one period or a couple plays or that kind of thing. so we go by what we see. whether it's wednesday, thursday or friday or even occasionally the saturday changes are all just reflective of what the player's current condition is. frank: tight-lipped as always. kickoff is at 4:25 this
6:36 am
karen: hopefully we can end this injury streak. frank: you know what? the pats have been on a good run. hopefully gronk will be back and the team will be back on full cylinders. hopefully a super bowl. still to come this morning, a better chance of winning big. karen: ahead how casinos around new england are hoping to lure more people in. >> young mothers, right? we put ourselves the very last. we always do. frank: this framingham mother wanted to change that. her message for other young moms after battling cancer for more than a year. danielle: dense fog to start off your sunday but we have a gorgeous day on tap. i'll tell you when it clears up
6:37 am
frank: it's 6:43. welcome back. a young framingham mother spent more than a year battling breast cancer, often with humor and brutal honesty. karen: her example was so powerful. sadly, she lost her fight this week but not before sharing her message for other young moms. frank: the eye's emily riemer has the advice alexa hopes everyone can live by. alexa: young mothers, right? so, we put ourselves the very last. you always do.
6:38 am
about the lump in her breast. youngest and chalked it up to a clogged milk duct, but it didn't she received the frightening alexa: she said, "well, you know, i see a solid mass." that was the first time i thought, "okay, that doesn't sound good." emily: at just 36 years old, alexa had triple negative stage 3 breast cancer. a diagnosis she shared publicly on facebook posting her first chemo selfie writing, "i'm showing off the i.v. in my hand as the chemo infuses in my body to attack this tumor." alexa: i wanted to be, you know, honest and say this is real-time. this is what's really happening to me. i think that was important, just to say it can happen. emily: that post, the first of many alexa would write, sharing her battle with the disease, updating friends on how treatment was going, sharing a new haircut when hers started to fall out. and just a few months ago revealing the cancer had spread
6:39 am
supposed to be done." she had surgery in october, but her prognosis was not good. so last month a trip to italy, something she had dreamed of doing with her girls to tell alexa: in this case cancer is going to win. mommy is going to die. that's the hardest part for me because when it affects them, you know, it affects my girls. emily: alexa wants her story to be a reminder to other young moms to take care of themselves and take nothing for granted. alexa: be present in the moment. where your baby is thrilled because they have a strawberry, you know, and appreciate that, you know. and be happy about that. emily: there is a fund set up in alexa's name through the jimmy fund, and the money raised will support her doctor as she works to find new treatments for this kind of cancer. we do have that information posted on our website. emily reimer, wcvb, newscenter 5.
6:40 am
forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. danielle: take a look. you're looking at the hancock tower. you're seeing steady blue by means clear view. and we do have the clear view in mind as you look over boston. just a gorgeous sunrise ongoing but not everybody is waking up to this clear sky. some areas are actually waking up to some dense fog and because of that some patchy black ice as well. 36 degrees right now in boston. the winds are out of the south and west. that will be a warming wind. wind chill though. it feels more like 29 degrees but some areas seeing some dense fog this morning along the cape. near falmouth. also chatham was in on some fog. as you look up towards norwood, say, you're seeing fog back through orange and keene this morning. and where i pointed out the fog, temperatures are also below the freezing mark in the 20's.
6:41 am
some freezing fog out there as well which creates the black ice on the roads. so you want to be careful out there driving until about 9:00 or so. all these conditions subside as temperatures go well above the freezing mark. in fact, today we're going to warm up into the mid 50's in a lot of spots like 55 in boston. maybe a few even upper 50's near the cape and the islands with a lot of sunshine. if you're headed out to the patriots game they're taking on the philadelphia eagles at 4:25. 50 degrees at kick-off. remember the sun will have already set. temperatures will be falling back into the 40's. make sure you dress in layers. you want to bring the winter coat. overnight lows will drop into the 0's and 30's in those spots so we do it all over again tonight into first thing tomorrow. and then tomorrow again it's a repeat of warm weather. mid 50's in most locations. the winds shifting though from the best to the north and west through the afternoon as a cold front up through canada is
6:42 am
our region. right now high pressure keeping us dry but we're watching this area of low pressure. it is going to redevelop off our coastline. because of that, we could see a chance for some rain on tuesday. the best chances for rain though are mainly going to be confined to the cape and the islands at this point because that's what the latest models are tracking the trend to be. we'll show you that in just a second. first we really do need that rain down over 9.5 inches for the year in boston. down near nine inches now in worcester. a lot of spots actually under the moderate drought. here comes that area of low pressure on monday. also that cold front that is going to bring down cooler air in place. then that area of low pressure develops off shore and becomes a very powerful ocean storm. but the latest models are trending it farther out to sea. however, if they were to bring it closer, more areas would get involved with this. we could also have some wind to deal with. the other thing is the timing on this system because depending on the exact timing if it starts
6:43 am
notice temperatures could be right around freezing which would mean there could even be some mixed precipitation at the start of this. there's a lot of factors going in on this forecast. right now the best chance for any rain is really going to be at the cape and islands at least at this point. but that could change. we're going to take a look at those later model runs as they come on in. anyway you look at it though, we are cooler through the midweek period back to where we should be this time of year in the mid 40's. then we warm up by next weekend back into the low 50's. frank? frank: thanks a lot, danielle. leave it to the celtics to hang on against one of the best teams in the west. still it was the spurs overpowering the c's in the end. celtics were behind by double digits in the 4th. isaiah thomas, going into comeback mode, drives past the spurs. celtics would get within two. then it's manu ginobili with a huge three to give the spurs room. celtics could have given up right there, but jae crowder
6:44 am
seconds left. crowder gets a chance for a long in-bounds pass, but it's a little too long and the c's fall short. 108-105 in the final in san antonio. bruins trying to get out of canada with a win, and brad marchand getting right down to business three minutes into this one. he's had eight goals in his last nine games. a big first period for the b's torey krug adding to the lead with a nice one-timer. boston leads 2-0. later landon ferarro makes it 3-0. bruins get a win on the last stop of the canada trip. 4-0 the final. karen: if you're a fan of the nutcracker ballet, then this is your season. chronicle's jc monahan tells us about a production that combines professionals and amateurs to create a special magic. jc: this holiday season marks a milestone for the cambridge-based ballet. the beloved school and dance troupe are celebrating 30 years
6:45 am
familiar classics. why do you think that people want to make the nutcracker part of their holiday experience? >> i go back to the music that tchaikovsky has really come up with something that is magical and universal. you know, the lifts are never like grrr, hopefully. jc: cuban-born mateo has always believed you can change lives through ballet. the company works hard at being inclusive reaching out, for instance, to inner-city kids who may have never danced and work to go attract more diverse audiences. >> if you're only going to make it available to those people who have studied ballet for x-number of years, that pool is reduced dramatically. so by opening up the auditions, you entice new people. jc: for 18 of the core dancers, this is their full-time job. but they sacrifice a lot at the holidays, all for the joy of dance. how do you feel about the nutcracker? what does it mean to you? >> it means christmas. it means the holiday spirit. santa.
6:46 am
it means the kids. it means my childhood. it means everything. karen: tomorrow at 7:30, egg nog from a leicester farm. wreaths from a sudbury greenhouse. cranberry wine from plymouth. massachusetts-made makes the season merry. plus, hess toy trucks hit the road. holiday-made, tomorrow at 7:30 on "chronicle." frank: i'm not a holiday person but that sounds very delicious. karen: how can you not be a holiday person. frank: i don't like christmas trees or all the music. i like the food so it all works out. karen: a university president causing controvery with a frank: his statement after the and the outrage it's causing this morning. p it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. z most new wealth flows
6:47 am
it's a system held in place by corrupt politics r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. p my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you rwho want to fight back. p the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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california walnuts. t the best simple veggie dish ever? t heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? t heart healthy california walnuts. p great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at karen: right now police are investigating a shooting in south boston. it happened around 8:00 last night on old colony avenue. we're told one man was shot several times and was taken to boston medical center with critical injuries. a car at the scene was riddled with bullets, and the driver's side window was heavily damaged. frank: another person faces charges in connection with the discovery of a burned body in bridgewater. 30-year-old ovi cruz is accused of misleading police in the
6:50 am
he'll be arraigned tomorrow. investigators are still looking for fernando owens, the prime suspect in the actual murder. karen: a raid at a home in california could offer some clues on a third person linked to the san bernardino shootings. investigators believe someone else bought the assault rifles a couple used to kill 14 people last week. police are still trying to figure out if that couple used social media to connect with terrorists. frank: the governor of virginia is criticizing a christian university president, who urged students to arm themselves. jerry falwell, jr., made the comments during liberty uinversity's weekly convocation. he said that of more people had concealed carry permits they could, quote, "end those muslims before they walk in and kill." falwell later said he was not talking about all muslims. karen: president obama will deliver a rare speech from the oval office tonight. in the wake of the san bernardino shootings, the president will address what the government is doing to keep americans safe. he'll also touch on the need to
6:51 am
you can watch the president's speech tonight at 8:00 right here on newscenter 5. today if you're heading out, looking pretty good. danielle: looking pretty good. we should see temperatures in the mid to upper 50's this afternoon. great weather for the pats' game. frank: go, pats. you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or any time on the wcvb mobile apps. karen: we'll be back at 8:00.
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